Melina Rai

Currently a student of Master’s in Psychology, Melina Rai, originally belongs from Jhapa district. Her travel journey started in 2017 when she won the Solo Woman Travel Challenge organized by NepaliTravellers. She has managed to reach some of the beautiful places inside Nepal so far and collect really extraordinary experiences through them.
Besides traveling and spending much time in nature or nearby, she enjoys wall climbing and reading books. She is also an avid music lover and a movie enthusiast. She has a sensitive spot for animals and she becomes the happiest when getting to hang out with them. She has a keen interest in learning and collecting knowledge and skills in diverse fields. It’s the thing that keeps her going in life; getting to learn something new each day.
“And it’s one of the main reasons that I signed up for this fellowship. I will be learning different things each day being in a completely unfamiliar place and among unfamiliar faces which I find very thrilling and also I will be sharing my learnings with students of Shree Yanjer Gumba Basic School and for me, an immense joy lies in witnessing someone learning and gathering knowledge because I strongly believe that there is great power in knowledge.” – Melina
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