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"No one has ever become poor by giving."

-Anne Frank

Our Banking Details:

Name of Bank: Prabhu Bank Limited
Account Name:  Himalayan Development Initiative
Account Number: 0570163459000011

We strongly believe and advocate, that every child deserves a quality education and a child’s education should not be compromised no matter how significant of a challenge they face. Just because they were born in one of the most rural places in the world does not mean they don’t deserve an education like others. We cannot achieve this goal alone so we need your support to educate children from one of the most backward societies in the world to create awareness and challenge the challenges that society is facing every day. We believe education is the only way to have a great future not just for this society but for the future of humankind. Come join our hands and together change the lives of the children, their family, and their society.
The schools that we are supporting are approximately about 4000m above sea level. The climate starts favorably from April and then goes extreme once winter starts around December. Your donation/support will help the Himalayan Development Initiative sustain education in Dolpo. We also plan to support various projects and training to conduct in the villages for teachers, students, and villagers to create awareness about different topics, to improve the quality of life, and for the overall progress and development of the area. Teachers will be provided various special training and courses in Kathmandu before they leave for their session every year. 
So to achieve our goals, we need your help. For the smooth running of the organization and schools, we heavily rely on donations. Some of the major costs involved are:

  • Organization Administration and management
  • School administration and management
  • Staff (Teacher & Cook) salaries
  • Basic Travel Gears for Teachers
  • Teacher’s Training Program Costs
  • Insurance
  • Children’s books, stationeries, and extracurricular materials 
  • School clothes
  • School infrastructures like solar panels, batteries, cooking utensils, and so on
  • Additional Fooding, toiletries, and basic items needed by the teachers for their stay
  • Transportation costs, as all the goods and materials have to be sent from Kathmandu

So, we do accept direct sponsorship of stationary materials, books, and other necessary things for the children.
As we believe transparency is the key for any organization to be successful, we will provide you with a detailed report (can also be found on the website under “Annual Report ”) which consists of the overall breakdown of the funds and their usage. Also, the sponsors will be informed about the different projects conducted and the growth, progress, and welfare of the children, school, and community.

If you are willing to help please fill up the available form (click the “donate” button)  and we will contact you, or you can drop an email to us at or contact us via our social media links (floating on the right side of the page). 

We need you and your help

It’s impossible to help people without people helping others. We always need interns who love to help.

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