Happy Dashain 2077

On this auspicious occasion, the Himalayan Development Initiative family would like to wish you all Happy Vijaya Dashami 2077. May the color, bliss, and beauty of this festival be with you throughout the Year. May this festival gift you Blessings for a wonderful life ahead and bring a beautiful time to treasure.

As we are all going through unprecedented situations at the moment, please celebrate this festival with extra care and precaution among family members. Make sure you do not make any unnecessary travels and wear a mask, practice social distancing and sanitize/wash your hands regularly.
The video clip is from 19th October 2018. It was the last day of final examinations, the academic year and it was also the Bijaya Dashami Day. After the exams, it was asked whether it was okay for the kids to put on tika, and with the green light, a small celebration was planned. The students were informed to stay at school for some time for the celebration. The Tika and Ladduus (sweets) were prepared by the female teachers. First, the tika was put on the kids by the teachers, and then it was put on teachers by the senior-most (age-wise) teacher. The kids have heard and read about Dashain in their Social Studies class but had never experienced it. You can see the expressions in the video.

P.S. The mantras/aashiks recited in the video are not accurate because of inexperience, apologizes.

Happy Dashain 2077

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