Nyima Tashi Gurung

Nyima Tashi Gurung, born in Dhundhar village, has been teaching Tibetan to the kids of Shree Yangjer Gumba Basic School since 2013 and has been serving and leading the education in Dolpo with a great example. Nyima Sir is a vivid movie lover and likes to watch movies. He also loves to sing and play football. He is very adept at cutting vegetables and also excellent in kitchen duties. He is loved and revered by the kids, their parents, and the people of the villages.
Dhundar village is about 5 hours walk from Nyisal. Nyima Sir goes back home, almost, every Friday, after school ends, and comes back to the school on Sunday, before the school begins. He is a great family man, an excellent husband, and an inspiring father to two beautiful kids.

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