Pasang Lhamu Lama

Pasang Lhamu Lama, from Mugu district,  completed her higher secondary degree from Shree Aadarsha Higher Secondary School in Juphal, Dolpa. Although she studied subjects like maths, science, social studies during her school days, she has been fascinated with Nepali and finds it a very interesting subject and feels it is easier to teach as well.
She has taught Nepali for two years in her village in the Mugu district. She believes that the role of a teacher is not just to teach the students and is not just limited to the classroom and books but is to help the overall development of the children. She aims to be a good teacher and help the students in any way possible. She says she is looking forward to growing and learning more and will do her very best to shape the future of little children and their education in Dolpa.

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