Phurba Sangmo Gurung

Phurba Sangmo Gurung, born in Saldang village, is the first female school coordinator of the Dolpo region. She has been teaching Social Studies, General Knowledge, and local dance to the kids of Shree Yangjer Gumba Basic School since 2017 and has been one of the pioneers for education in Dolpo. 
Besides teaching, Phurba Miss is like the mother in school. She takes care of the kids, looks after their hygiene, plays with them, and helps them during schooling hours. She also takes care of the children staying in hostels. She is an excellent cook and serves delicious Dolpo dishes. Besides her duties at school, she also operates literacy classes for the girls of the village in the evening. She is loved and revered by the kids, their parents, and the people of the villages. She is an inspiration to the kids, people of Dolpo, and to us.
She loves to sing and has released Nepali and Dolpo songs on youtube. She likes to play football and design paperwork and posters.

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