[Photo Credit: Dustynep] “His name is Nurti and he is about 3 years old. He is the youngest brother of two of my students Kunsang and Dhonyap (boy on the bottom right of the photo). The thing about this kid is that even though we had little communication with each other, because of the language […]

Phoksundo Kids

[Photo Credits: DustyNep] “It was a very good day at Phoksundo. We took an entire day to reach Ringmo from the other side of the lake (cholubu) experiencing loads of view, color, wind, and trail. We reached the hotel and there were these beautiful kids running here and there, a bit shy to customers in their […]

Second Time Gifts

[All Photos Credits: Dustynep] “After spending such a time in Dolpo and living among them for half a year, I had developed some sort of connection with the place, the people, culture, and the landscape. I planned my second visit to this faraway land. The last visit ended with a promise to be back and […]

The Mystic Valley of Shey

[Photo Credits: Dustynep] We had a long descend from Shey la pass and finally, we glimpsed the mystic valley from the edge of the hill. We had heard about the Shey and its myth. We knew about its religious significance and the feeling was different when we witnessed “Shey Gumba” and the Crystal Mountain. People from […]

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