Phoksundo Kids

[Photo Credits: DustyNep]

“It was a very good day at Phoksundo. We took an entire day to reach Ringmo from the other side of the lake (cholubu) experiencing loads of view, color, wind, and trail. We reached the hotel and there were these beautiful kids running here and there, a bit shy to customers in their hotel but living their kidhood fearlessly. It was something that reminded my childhood. We were four of us, all from Kathmandu and those kids effortlessly differentiated that we were not of their kind. We were “Rongba” for them, the people from down south. Moreover, they had something unsettled things with me. They were confused with my earring (turquoise stone) because it belonged to their culture, place, and them. They call it “siriuu”.its a turquoise mineral wore as an ornamental stone.
I had extra attention with their constant look but I couldn’t make them clear about this thing. I couldn’t explain that I had lived for half a year to the place with a similar culture but beyond two high passes and also across Karnali(mugu Karnali). I got that stone from the place Nyisal.
It was very hard to ignore these beautiful ones on either side and pose for a photo. Hey kids, your look still killing me.😁
-Sanjay Bahadur Singh Thakuri, Fellow 2017

Phoksundo Kids
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